Nov 25, 2016

TOP 5 Travel Gadgets

Travel Gadget

If you’re planning to do some traveling this holiday, check out my TOP 5 Travel Gadgets. I promise, these will come in handy!  😉


1. Digital Scale

Digital Scale

Digital Scale is a must if you want to travel light, and especially useful for flights. Never pay airline surcharges again!

You can get analogue scales but they tend to be bulkier and lose accuracy over time. Digital scales are much more compact, light weight, and stays accurate.

*Tip* If you’re traveling by plane, wear cargo pants and jacket with multiple pockets. And if you’re a bit over the limit, take out some small items that are heavy, e.g. laptop power brick, etc. and put them in your pocket.

Generally, Digital Scale ranges from $5~$30+ USD, depending on brand and function.

Here’s a link to the one I personally use and it’s only $7.17 (I paid $20 for this at a local shop 😯 )



2. Portable USB Battery Pack

Portable Battery

You most likely already own one of these, but if you don’t, go and get one! Portable USB battery pack is a must have item when you’re out and about. Until technology is advanced enough to produce batteries that are compact and can last months, we’ll need to have one of these.

These portable batteries will charge almost anything with a USB port. It can charge; mobile phones, mp3 players, cameras, bluetooth speakers, etc.

Portable USB Battery Packs come in different capacities and form factors. You can get ones that are compact with only small amount of battery power, or big ones that can hold up to 10,000 mAh or more.

Xiaomi makes great quality Battery packs for reasonable prices. Check them out at GearBest. I use the older 10400mAh model when I travel. It’s a bit bulky but it’s priceless on long flights. Luckily the new models are a lot slimmer.


3. Gimbal


You just came back from a holiday, gone through the videos and realised its unbearably shaky to watch.  And when you show your familiy and friends, they can’t stand to watch it for more than 5 seconds. Well even with all the OIS (optical image stabilization) and EIS (electronic image stabilization) on modern smart phones and cameras, it’s still very hard to capture those moments without those annoying shakes and bumps.

Gimbal is a handheld stabilizer for your video capturing devices. So, you can attach your smartphone, action camera, or small digical camera on to a Gimbal, and it’ll help you capture those priceless footages in a manner that can actually be shared with your family and friends.

There are gimbals for action cameras, smart phones, and full size cameras. So if you do a lot of shooting with your smart phone, you’ll need to get the smart phone gimbal, or if you own an action camera like GoPro, SJCAM4000, Xiaomi Yi, you’ll need to get the action camera gimbal. Full size camera gimbals are targeted towards Professionals, and it’ll cost quite a bit more.

There are probably hundreds of videos of people showing off their gimbal, but here’s a simple video that shows a side by side comparison of GoPro footage with and without gimbal. (Watch it in full screen! You’ll be amazed!)

Aweome right!? Now, the downside is that, a decent Gimbal will cost around $200~$300 USD. I know it’s not cheap, but think about the priceless holiday videos you can capture with this. I think it’ll be well worth it.

Click here to see some popular Gimbal models


4. Action cam


Action cameras aren’t only for professionals and extreme sports people anymore. It has become mainstream, and most avid traveler will probably own one of these already. The reason they’re perfect for traveling is the fact that they are; compact, durable, lightweight, wearable, mountable, and in most cases, waterproof. It’s the ideal travel camera.

Although they are designed for video capturing, they can also take decent snapshots. And because of their wide angle lens, you can capture the environment a lot better than a regular camera or smartphone. No longer will you have to tell your friends to bunch up to get in the shot, as long as they’re not behind the camera  😆

I have tried several popular brands such as GoPro, Xiaomi, SJCAM, Isaw, and all of them are great for the purpose I’m talking about here. If you have the budget go with the GoPro 5, if not, any of the other brands are okay. I personally use Isaw Edge, I feel this model has good balance of price/quality ratio.

Here are some sample shots from an action cam to give you a better understanding.
Action Cam Shot 1 Action Cam Shot 2

For general purpose action cam, I’d recommend the Xiaomi Yi, it’s a great all rounder with decent quality.


5. IEM (In-Ear Monitors)


For me, IEM is the most important travel companion, as most of my traveling involve sitting on a plane or a train or a bus, for several hours. And I’m sure I’m not the only one to sit on a 7 hour flight next to a crying baby right?

Headphones can give you a great seal blocking out noise, but they’re too big, and can be awkward to pack, and sometimes it can get damaged during transit. Earphones don’t seal tight enough to block out the ambient noise. IEM on the other hand is portable yet gives a great seal, good enough to be used as an earplug.

MEE Audio makes some great entry level IEM for budget consumers. I’d strongly recommend checking out the MEE audio M6 PRO, it goes for around $50 USD. It comes with detachable cable and inline mic for smartphones.

For people with a bigger budget I recommend spending it on custom IEM like the CFR3 Custom Molded IEM by Alien Ears. Custom molded IEM gives you a perfect seal around your ear canal, giving you the ultimate noise cancellation and zero sound leakage. And not to mention that they look freakin’ awesome!



When you’re away from home, there’s a limit on how much you can take with you. You have to allocate your bag space to the right gadgets that will make your life easier during your trip. And, I’m sure that these TOP 5 Travel Gadgets will come in handy on your next trip! Bon Voyage  😀



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